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Are You in Denial?  …Let Us Help

As an audiologist, my job is to help people with hearing loss improve their quality of life. I would love to see everyone with hearing loss take advantage of treatment with hearing aids. I know the benefits that our patients receive when fitted properly with amplification. Unfortunately, the vast majority of adults do not seek help for their hearing loss.  Why? Maybe because they feel that hearing aids will make them look “old.” Maybe they don’t realize how much hearing loss they actually have. Maybe they don’t know the many negative effects that untreated hearing loss can have on their overall health and well-being. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things.  I am going to address all three of these issues. I hope that you continue reading and will think about why you or your loved one continues to live with hearing loss.

Do you think your hearing aids will make you look old? Is it because you associate hearing loss with old age? Yes, we do lose hearing as we get older, but you may be surprised to find out that the majority of people with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Aging is not the only cause of hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to noisy environments and genetics also play a major role in your hearing. I would bet that your hearing loss is more noticeable than you may think. You may be laughing inappropriately at something you think you heard. You may just nod and smile when you aren’t sure what someone is saying to you. People may think you are confused when the truth is you just didn’t hear what they said. These days, so many people, young and old, are wearing ear pieces for their cell phones or audio players that your hearing aids will be less noticeable than your hearing loss.

Do you think your hearing is ok? Maybe you think that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly. Most hearing loss affects the pitches where consonant sounds are located. When you can’t hear those consonant sounds well, it can sound like people are mumbling. We lose our hearing so gradually, that it might not be noticeable to you, or you might ignore it until it becomes too significant to ignore. Don't wait too long – the earlier you receive treatment, the easier it will be to adjust to your new hearing aids. Think about how your hearing loss is affecting your loved ones. Are they complaining that you have the television up too loudly, or are they frustrated about constantly needing to repeat themselves? The only way to know if you have hearing loss is to have a complete hearing evaluation.

Hearing loss affects more than just your ability to hear and understand speech correctly. It can lead to depression, isolation and fatigue, and is associated with decreased cognitive function. The good news is that people who treat their loss with hearing aids report an improvement in quality of life for both themselves and their spouses (Kochkin & Rogin, 2000). The National Council on the Aging found that hearing aid users reported improvements in their personal relationships, mental health, sense of safety and self-confidence. At Medical Hearing Aid Center, we are dedicated to working with our patients on an individual basis to find the best solutions for their needs.