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Medical Hearing Aid Center is dedicated to helping people with hearing loss regain their quality of life through unsurpassed professional service delivered with care.

Hearing exam (Audiometry):  A thorough evaluation that measures your hearing sensitivity and speech understanding. The results of the hearing test will help determine if you are a good candidate for hearing aids.

Tympanometry:  A quick test used to evaluate the health of your middle ear and eardrum.

Hearing Aids:  If hearing aids are indicated, you have plenty of choices.  We prescribe and fit hearing aids from the top manufacturers. Together, we will choose hearing aids that will fit your degree of hearing loss and satisfy your listening needs.  We will also take into account your sense of style, need for noise reduction, memory, dexterity and budget.  All hearing aids come with a 30 day trial period.

minitekAssistive Listening Devices:  In addition to hearing aids, other technology exists to help you hear better in unique listening environments. For example, a wireless device will allow you to hear your cell phone, television or MP3 player directly in your hearing aids, eliminating interference from background noise.

Real Ear Measurements:  This shows us how the hearing aid is working in your ear. We use this test to verify that the hearing aid is doing what we have programmed it to do, taking into account your individual ear canal shape and size.  

bahaBaha (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid):  Baha is a type of hearing aid for people who cannot wear or benefit from a traditional hearing aid. It is most commonly used for people with chronic ear infections, middle ear disease or single-sided deafness. A titanium abutment (screw) is surgically implanted in the skull, behind the ear, and a microphone/processor attaches to the abutment externally.  This system allows sound to bypass the outer and middle ear to directly stimulate the inner ear, where the hearing organ is located.